A Journey Around our Room. in collaboration with Jordan Whitewood-Neal and Marianna Janowicz. ongoing.

Sheffield: A City of Care. in collaboration with Rosa Tully. ongoing.

International Women's Day, Feminist Students of Architecture Work Showcase. In collaboration with SSoA Feminist Library.  8-12th March 2021, Instagram



Theory Forum, Sheffield School of Architecture (virtual), in collaboration with SSoA Students for Climate Action, Anti-Racism at SSoA: A Call to Action, SSoA Zine, and invited guests Jordan Whitewood-Neal and Lola Conte,  25 - 26 November 2020.

A Dorm Room for a Feminist City? East Street Arts,  Leeds. Dorm room bid in collaboration with Jon Orlek of Studio Polpo, October 2020.

EASA England Apathy, ‘Reforming Education: exploring the role of student activism’ with Alice Grant and James Harrington, Foodhall, 6 September 2020.


Black Students in Architecture Work Showcase, July 2020, Instagram

Practicing Feminist, The Arts Tower, Sheffield, 6 March 2020

The Perils of Tradition, UCU Feminist Teachout, Foodhall Sheffield, 5 March 2020



It’s Grim Down South, The Arts Tower, Sheffield, 16th October 2019

Reading List 2019, The Arts Tower, Sheffield, October 2019

Nevertheless They Persisted, International Women’s Day 2020, The Arts Tower, Sheffield, 8th March 2019